The Art of the Planted Aquarium

Qualifying North and South - the first finalists have been determined

© Christian Homrighausen

Before the grand finale of the aquascaping competition "The Art of the Planted Aquarium" three regional contests are being held throughout this year. The winners of these contests - the so called Qualifyings North, South and East - have the chance to participate in the finale, which is going to take place in Hanover at the Pet Fair in 2015.    

After the first qualifyings - the Qualifying North and South - the first participants of the finale have now been determined. Artful underwater landscapes, in the two categories Dennerle contest edition 35 l and EHEIM contest edition 250 l, have been created during this event. During the Qualifying South one of the few Wildcards have also been granted.

We would like to thank all participants an sponsors of this competition!

Here you can find the placings of the three regional contest.

From October 4th till October 5th, the third and last Qualifying (Qualifying east) for the finale is taking place at the Pet Fair Dresden.
Unfortunately, there are no more remaining spots left for the Qualifying East.

Guidelines and Registration

Please find below the guidelines for the grande finale of the international competition "The Art of the Planted Aquarium", which is taking place at the Pet Fair in Hannover in 2015

For the grande finale, you're welcome to register via

Mrs. Brigitte Fronert
Phone: (+49) 351 - 877 85 13

The dates

Qualifying North: from 24th till 26th of January 2014 | Pet Fair Hannover

Qualifying South: from 14th till 16th of March 2014 | Angeln und Aquaristik Freiburg

Qualifying East: from 4th till 5th of October 2014 | Pet Fair Dresden

Finale: from 13th till 15th of February 2015 | Pet Fair Hannover

Purchase of the qualifying tanks

© EHEIM 2013

The complete EHEIM aquarium systems with cabinet, filter, lighting (without plants) are available for purchase after the competitions.

For details, contact Brigitte Fronert |